About Me


Hi I’m Mel and I’m a counsellor, researcher, writer, blogger, and course creator. I really enjoy working with people to help them get through the difficulties that are holding them back and stopping them from being themselves and enjoying their lives.

I love to help clients with their depression and anxiety issues and I can usually help my clients get good results in just a few sessions. But my real passion is helping people identify and recover from toxic relationships and emotional abuse. In fact, I am so passionate about it that I decided to make it my niche/specialist area within my counselling work.

Not many people realise that being in a toxic relationship can leave them with PTSD type symptoms, and often difficulties like anxiety and low self esteem can become a problem for them due to the relationship and being in regular contact with a toxic individual. Anyone can experience a toxic relationship and it could be a relationship with anyone including a partner, ex partner, parent, friend or work colleague.

Do you sometimes feel anxious, stressed, confused, unhappy, isolated?

Are you having relationship difficulties which you are struggling to understand or deal with?

Would you like to understand yourself a bit better and explore your responses to things, and why you say, think and do the things you do?

Sometimes life can feel like a real challenge and our feelings can seem overwhelming. I can help you explore these areas and gain a new insight, so you can start to view these things differently and feel more in control. I can help you create a change for the better, regardless of your past, and help you overcome limitations that are holding you back.

My aim is for my clients to feel comfortable with me, seeing our hour together as your time to relax and feel at ease as we explore the things that bring you to counselling, so you leave feeling heard and understood, with a fresh hope for a brighter future.

I’m active on my fb Instagram and twitter pages and I like to post regular helpful articles and blogs I have written, so you can follow me there.

If you think I can help you and you would like to work with me then please call or email me.

Call: 07849 742795

Email: hopeful.h@hotmail.com


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